• Project Management
  • Client/Account Management
  • eNewsletter Production for your clients
You’re a busy web developer or you own an agency. You’ve got a variety of clients who need regular contact, perhaps each day, each week, or only once in a while. However, you need to focus your attention on your newer or bigger clients. Even though you’re busy, you still want these clients to get great customer service. Let me be the contact for them. I’ll receive their requests, help clarify what they’re looking for, and then work directly with your programming team until the work is complete. If you’d like, I can QA the work before handing it back to your client, and facilitate the fine-tuning that usually happens before webpages or other software goes live. You’ve got a client who needs an eNewsletter or email marketing. You may want to create the graphics so that the eNewsletter represents the same look & feels as the website, but after that, you might not want to do the regular eNewsletter or Email Marketing production. I can do that for your client, either directly or through you. Yes, let’s explore this further!