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Website Relaunch and Time to start blogging again

I’m back. I took a four month break from blogging. I didn’t plan it that way but it happened anyway. All said, it wasn’t bad to have one less thing on my list to worry about for a while. During that period, I used my Facebook Page as a quick substitute, and that worked well. […]

Blog, Facebook, Tweet

I admit to not having blogged very much lately, and when I ponder why — aside from the holiday break — I think it’s because it’s often easier to simply post quick information to my Facebook (business/fan) page.  So if you’re looking for tidbits, tips, and news, check out: http://www.facebook.com/SaraIsenbergConsulting Ironically, clients often ask me […]

URLs for Caffeineighted Presentation

My recent presentation at the Chamber of Commerce’s Women in Business Caffeineighted Series (November 5, 2009) is all about getting started on WordPress, specifically for the newbie blogger, or the person who wants to switch to WordPress.  The actual presentation is a live demo showing how to configure and start using your new blog, here […]

Create a Free WordPress Blog in 1 Hour

The location has been set and this event is a go! The Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce has a very popular new speaking series for Women in Business called Caffeineighted. On Nov 5, 7:30-9 AM, I’ll be giving a presentation called Create a Free WordPress Blog in 1 Hour at the Santa Cruz Chamber of […]

New Services: Referrals (Sourcing) and Training

I’m now offering two new services: Referrals to Experts and Training for Beginners 1. Find your Team — Referrals: I work with known expert designers, developers, marketing professionals, writers, SEO geeks, and more.  Let me help you find your team. 2. Training Services: I offer individual or small group training on using Social Media — such as […]

Using Social Media to Promote Your Green Business

Yesterday I attended the Green Business Camp in Santa Cruz.  I love the unconference format but wasn’t sure if I would stay all day.  It turns out it was a great event and I was there until the end. I facilitated a group called “Using Social Media to Promote Your Green Business.” It was well […]

The NEXTie Awards. I’ve nominated somebody. (*)

Do you know someone in Santa Cruz that you’d call a trailblazer, an innovator, or whose work or passion inspires you? Santa Cruz NEXT is accepting nominations for the 1st Annual NEXTie Awards. Submit Your NEXTie Award Nominations! The NEXTies honor young people in Santa Cruz who are doing amazing things locally or globally. These […]

Social Media: who, what, where, when, why, how

The following is by my colleague and friend, Kirsti Scott, of Scott Design: http://blog.hotdesign.com.  I value everything that Kirsti writes in her blog about social media.  Here’s another great post from Kirsti: Here’s a quick rundown of the who, what, where, when, why, and how of using social networks to help kick-start your social media […]