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Funding Your Startup – presentation by Bill Hunt

This is one of the best and most concise presentations I’ve seen on funding a startup! Bill Hunt presents Funding Your Startup to the Silicon Valley New Tech Meetup. Bill Hunt has been a founder and/or senior executive in five start-ups in the application management, network security and email deliverability sectors with four of those companies […]

UC Technology Transfer Offices and other Entrepreneurship Resources

UC Resources (see non-UC Resources below) UCOP’s OTL:  http://www.ucop.edu/ott/ http://www.ucop.edu/ott/contacts.html UCBerkeley OTL:  http://otl.berkeley.edu/  http://ipira.berkeley.edu/ UCDavis OTL:  http://www.innovationaccess.ucdavis.edu/home.cfm?id=OVC,23,1728,1752 UCIrvine OTL:  http://www.ota.uci.edu/contact.htm UCLA OTL: http://www.research.ucla.edu/oipa/contacts.htm UCMerced OTL:  http://research.ucmerced.edu/2.asp?uc=1&lvl2=9&contentid=15 UCRiverside OTL:  http://www.ora.ucr.edu/IP/ContactUs.aspx UCSD OTL:  http://invent.ucsd.edu/ UCSF:  http://www.otm.ucsf.edu/about/otmStaff.asp UCSB:  http://www.research.ucsb.edu/tech_transfer/index.shtml UCSC:  http://research.ucsc.edu/ http://research.ucsc.edu/intel_prop.html   Non UC Resources Stanford’s OTL:  http://otl.stanford.edu/ Harvard’s OTL:  http://www.techtransfer.harvard.edu/ Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Corner: http://ecorner.stanford.edu/ @ecorner http://twitter.com/ECorner […]