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How to Prepare for Your Website Overhaul or New Website

Thank you for attending my Santa Cruz Parks & Rec class How to Prepare for Your Website Overhaul or New Website on January 25, 2011. My presentation is available for viewing or downloading here: Download Presentation [PDF] Upcoming Classes: Expand Your Reach with Soclal Media (with co-instructor Karen Kefauver) on Feb 1, 2011 ABCs of SEO […]

Freelancers are slutty, but so are you by Shane Perlman

Hot off the press — Here’s another great new presentation from Shane Perlman,, called Freelancers are slutty, but so are you: Strategies for the successful managment of independent contractors. [In November, I posted a blog entry of another great presentation by Shane about managing distributed teams called Leading Without Seeing — Managing a Distributed Team.] […]

Best Resources to Review Before you Design (or Redesign) your Small Business Website

As a web consultant and SBDC Technology Advisor, one of my services is to provide web audits for small business clients. A web audit consists of a thorough website review including review of first impression, design, navigation, usability, content, SEO, etc. I’m always on the lookout for articles to share with clients. [Updated January 21, 2011, […]

Expand Your Reach With Social Media, View Presentation

Thanks for attending the Santa Cruz Parks & Rec class Expand Your Reach With Social Media on September 28, 2010! “Excellent class that covered alot in a short amount of time. Thanks Sara and Karen!  This should be a required coarse for anyone starting or managing a small business!” Maggie Ann Johnson Barr 1. My […]

Website Relaunch and Time to start blogging again

I’m back. I took a four month break from blogging. I didn’t plan it that way but it happened anyway. All said, it wasn’t bad to have one less thing on my list to worry about for a while. During that period, I used my Facebook Page as a quick substitute, and that worked well. […]

Blog, Facebook, Tweet

I admit to not having blogged very much lately, and when I ponder why — aside from the holiday break — I think it’s because it’s often easier to simply post quick information to my Facebook (business/fan) page.  So if you’re looking for tidbits, tips, and news, check out: Ironically, clients often ask me […]

Google Caffeine

The following great overview article about Google Caffeine comes from Google Caffeine is the name given to Google’s next algorithm update that is going live after the holidays. It seems that Google Caffeine will be more than Google’s regular updates. It will probably be a major overhaul of the calculations that Google uses to […]

I Love my new iPhone and Backflip Case with Kickstand.

Yeah, I finally bought my iPhone yesterday but before I did, I bought the BEST iPhone case .  It’s called a backflip.  It has a kickstand so the iphone stands up by itself. Way cool! Interestingly enough, I wasn’t looking for this case but saw it advertised on the Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup event page […]