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How to Respond to Customers Who Complain on Social Media [with Infographic]

When I work with clients who are relatively unfamiliar with how businesses can use social media to expand their reach, one of the most common reasons they give to avoid using social media for their business is that they’re worried about how to respond if somebody were to post something negative about their business online […]

Stop Marketing. Start Engaging. Social Media for Business.

Here’s a well-done stand-alone slide presentation — perfect for Social Media newbies and as an overview/review for anybody who cares about social media and business. [This presentation is at the top of Slideshare’s list of most popular presentations. For more on that, see] Social Media for Business View more presentations from Presentation Advisors.

Best Resources to Review Before you Design (or Redesign) your Small Business Website

As a web consultant and SBDC Technology Advisor, one of my services is to provide web audits for small business clients. A web audit consists of a thorough website review including review of first impression, design, navigation, usability, content, SEO, etc. I’m always on the lookout for articles to share with clients. [Updated January 21, 2011, […]

SBDC Technology Consulting Packages

As you may know, I’m a Technology Advisor at the Silicon Valley SBDC TAP program. TAP serves the SBDC offices for the Northern California Region. Over the last 2-3 years, I’ve completed 70+ web audits for SBDC clients. Business and Technology advising services are free to SBDC clients! A Web Site Audit is a strategic […]

Updated! Great Social Media Resources – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging

[Note: Scroll down to see the great list of resources/links. Originally posted June 15, 2010. Updated with more resources July 22, 2010. Updated again on December 22, 2010, January 5, 2011, January 14, 2011, February 7, 2011, February 22, 2011, May 17, 2011.] One of the things I do as a consultant is technology advising […]