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TEDx Santa Cruz – Ideas worth seeking out

Lately I’ve disappeared into the dark hole of non-blogging. Facebook and Twitter haven’t been much of a focus for me, either. Even if your life (professional, social, or otherwise) revolves around social media, it’s good to take a break. I’ve taken such a break from “myself” — blogging, tweeting, posting only minimally — but have […]

Opening Pandora’s Brain: Volunteering, Brain-Picking, and Working For Free

Read this before you ask to pick my brain! [NOTE 1: March 8, 2011: This started out as a Facebook note with friends. There was such a great response/conversation, that I decided to turn it into a blog post. [NOTE 2: Originally posted March 8, 2011. Updated July 19, 2011, January 7, 2012, October 18, 2013, January […]

Freelancers are slutty, but so are you by Shane Perlman

Hot off the press — Here’s another great new presentation from Shane Perlman,, called Freelancers are slutty, but so are you: Strategies for the successful managment of independent contractors. [In November, I posted a blog entry of another great presentation by Shane about managing distributed teams called Leading Without Seeing — Managing a Distributed Team.] […]

Leading Without Seeing — Managing a Distributed Team

Shane Perlman, of, shares his presentation on managing distributed teams. This presentation has both substance and sizzle! Shane hit this one out of the park! I look forward to seeing him present this in person in Santa Cruz at some point. Leading Without Seeing: managing distributed teams View more presentations from Shane Pearlman.

Freelance Camp PRO at NextSpace in San Francisco

I spent the day at Freelance Camp PRO at NextSpace in San Francisco yesterday. It’s 24 hours later and I still have the buzz. For those that don’t know: Freelance Camp is a place to discuss and explore the different approaches to running a successful freelance business / service company. We have based our events on the […]

I Love my new iPhone and Backflip Case with Kickstand.

Yeah, I finally bought my iPhone yesterday but before I did, I bought the BEST iPhone case .  It’s called a backflip.  It has a kickstand so the iphone stands up by itself. Way cool! Interestingly enough, I wasn’t looking for this case but saw it advertised on the Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup event page […]

The NEXTie Awards. I’ve nominated somebody. (*)

Do you know someone in Santa Cruz that you’d call a trailblazer, an innovator, or whose work or passion inspires you? Santa Cruz NEXT is accepting nominations for the 1st Annual NEXTie Awards. Submit Your NEXTie Award Nominations! The NEXTies honor young people in Santa Cruz who are doing amazing things locally or globally. These […]

Funding Your Startup – presentation by Bill Hunt

This is one of the best and most concise presentations I’ve seen on funding a startup! Bill Hunt presents Funding Your Startup to the Silicon Valley New Tech Meetup. Bill Hunt has been a founder and/or senior executive in five start-ups in the application management, network security and email deliverability sectors with four of those companies […]

Green Business Camp Santa Cruz October 22, 2009

Green Business Camp … is coming to Santa Cruz! Did you love Freelance Camp?  Here’s another Unconference! For more information, go to Connect with entrepreneurs, small business owners and green business leaders for a day of learning, collaboration, sharing, and networking. During this one-day Unconference event you will: Discover dozens of new strategies, ideas […]