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8 Tips on How to Ask a Busy Person for Some of Their Time!

By Sara Isenberg Sara Isenberg Web Consulting & Project Management January 5, 2017 [Note: Article originally published on LinkedIn: 8 Tips on How to Ask a Busy Person for Some of Their Time!] Background I wear two professional hats. First, I am the Founder, Publisher, and Editor-in-chief of Santa Cruz Tech Beat. Santa Cruz Tech Beat is […]

Catching up? Introducing the Santa Cruz Tech Ecosystem

[Updated 2/14/14] December 3, 2013 was an exciting day. Santa Cruz Tech Beat turned a corner. Although Tech Beat, founded in July, has contained a new Feature section with original content articles over the last few weeks, I’m particularly proud of Digest #20 (December 3, 2013). Along with a great introduction to Isentio, a local bio-med company that has […]

A day in the life: More Promoting the Santa Cruz Tech Ecosystem (Part 2 of 2)

This is PART 2 of 2. Read PART 1 here: A day in the life: Promoting the Santa Cruz Tech Culture. Remember the 3 page CLV insert I mentioned in my previous blog post called “A day in the life: Promoting the Santa Cruz Tech Culture”? I wrote that insert for the Chamber’s Community Leadership […]

A day in the life: Promoting the Santa Cruz Tech Culture (Part 1 of 2)

This is PART 1 of 2. Read PART 2 here: A day in the life: More promoting the Santa Cruz Tech Ecosystem. Whew. October 17, 2013, was rich with tech ecosystem community activities in Santa Cruz, CA! 1. SVBJ Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Santa Cruz insert The Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 16 page insert — Santa Cruz: […]

Daniel Isenberg’s Worthless, Impossible, and Stupid book

I’m pleased and proud as my brother, Daniel Isenberg, launches his new book this week. [What follows is a shameless plug but I also think Dan has written a timely, interesting, and relevant book.] Dan’s book, Worthless, Impossible, and Stupid: How Contrarian Entrepreneurs Create and Capture Extraordinary Value by Daniel Isenberg, is fresh off Harvard Business Review Press […]

Less Hostess, More Sushi? (Wisdom from Alex Cowan)

  I appreciated Alex Cowan’s recent blog post called “Less Hostess, More Sushi. In this post, Cowan discusses providing more content for freelancers, so I took note. The post presents six ideas — he calls them “Freelancing Products” — that leverage Design Thinking, and Lean Startup. He writes that the six ideas are “highly a) sellable b) […]

Santa Cruz Tech Scene’s Big Bang

Santa Cruz becoming hot spot for tech: Locals to gather for TechRaising by Tanya Lewis, The Santa Cruz Sentinel, 3/30/2012 Read full Sentinel article here: Forgive me but although the article went to press on March 30, I didn’t read it until yesterday when someone pointed out (by tagging me in Facebook) that I’m […]

Welcome to Santa Cruz MakersFactory!

Have you heard of the new MakersFactory in Santa Cruz? If not, you will soon. MakersFactory is a new educational maker space in downtown Santa Cruz, CA, where students of all ages will learn and use exciting new technology for 3D printing, modeling, animation, and robotics. I’ve been helping MakersFactory get started and can say […]