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Six Essential Pages — Website Basics 101

Do you know which essential pages your business website should have? This presentation gives an overview of the SIX essential pages that your website — any business website — should have. This presentation covers best practices and conventions about these pages:what are they, why should you have them, and what should be on them. Here’s the […]

Less Hostess, More Sushi? (Wisdom from Alex Cowan)

  I appreciated Alex Cowan’s recent blog post called “Less Hostess, More Sushi. In this post, Cowan discusses providing more content for freelancers, so I took note. The post presents six ideas — he calls them “Freelancing Products” — that leverage Design Thinking, and Lean Startup. He writes that the six ideas are “highly a) sellable b) […]

Reviewing a new client’s “online stuff”

Today I had a very satisfying initial strategy meeting with a new client. After we met, I realized that the meeting typified what I love to do best: Helping a business client review their online stuff, and discuss plans, best practices, and strategies to improve it. What’s online stuff, and what does that mean, anyway? […]

Before You Hire Your Web Designer or Developer

Thanks for attending my June 21, 2011 class Before You Hire Your Web Designer or Web Developer. [If it’s before the class date, you’ll find class registration info here.] Here are some helpful resources for anybody planning a website from scratch or an update to an existing website. My collection of Best Resources Before you […]

5 Super Resources for Small Business Owner Who Wants a Great Website!

Here are 5  (6, actually) Super Resources for the Small Business Owner Who Wants a Great Website! [June 15, 2011 update: added #6!] I’m gearing up for my June 14 and June 21 classes. I want to make sure I let you know about these articles and tools: 1. “Get in the d@mn stroller!” and […]

Best Resources to Review Before you Design (or Redesign) your Small Business Website

As a web consultant and SBDC Technology Advisor, one of my services is to provide web audits for small business clients. A web audit consists of a thorough website review including review of first impression, design, navigation, usability, content, SEO, etc. I’m always on the lookout for articles to share with clients. [Updated January 21, 2011, […]

Social Media: who, what, where, when, why, how

The following is by my colleague and friend, Kirsti Scott, of Scott Design:  I value everything that Kirsti writes in her blog about social media.  Here’s another great post from Kirsti: Here’s a quick rundown of the who, what, where, when, why, and how of using social networks to help kick-start your social media […]

What is this image from? (Check out

This image is one of my favorites.  Can anybody tell me who the artist is and where it’s from? I posed that question yesterday and got a very wonderful hint from Steve Penny.  Check out TinEye at  It’s a reverse image search engine. You upload the image and TinEye provides a list of sites where that image […]

Getting Started on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Kirsti Scott, Scott Design, Santa Cruz, has written these Getting Started and Social Media articles.  Kristi is a new connection and resource for me.  She’s  on twitter @kirstiscott and @hotdesign. Getting Started with Twitter: Getting Started with Facebook: Getting Started with LinkedIn: Social Media Marketing:

Quiddities – The Softer Side of Tech

One of my very favorite designers is Amie Forest at Quiddites.  Amie, a NextSpace colleague (@aforest, @quiddities), gets it when I walk in wearing certain colors, combos of colors, and certain jewelry (** See bottom of post).  This is not a girl-thing, this is a color-thing.  I’m delighted to see Quiddities get some great press today […]