How do I make someone else an admin on a Facebook page? How do I relinquish control of a FB page?

To make someone an admin on a FB page:it_photo_107887

1. They have to have a facebook

2. They need to ‘like’ the page

3. You need to be facebook friends with them

4. You also need admin access to be able to make them an admin

They should get a notification saying they have been made an admin. They can access this page by going to the very top right of the facebook blue header bar and clicking on the little dark blue carrot that will display the pages they manage.

If you want to relinquish control of a FB page: 

1. Log in as yourself on FB

2. Click on the page you want to stop managing (the upper right hand carrot will display your pages)

3. Click Settings on the white header bar

4. Click page roles on the left side menu bar

5. Find yourself in the list of admins and click the X

6. Enter your password for your personal FB page to confirm that you want to remove yourself as an admin.

(Thanks to Kaya Lindsay for documenting these steps.)