[Updated 2/14/14] December 3, 2013 was an exciting day. Santa Cruz Tech Beat turned a corner. Although Tech Beat, founded in July, has contained a new Feature section with original content articles over the last few weeks, I’m particularly proud of Digest #20 (December 3, 2013).
Santa Cruz New Tech Meetup (Dec 4, 2013)
Along with a great introduction to Isentio, a local bio-med company that has relocated here from Norway, I broke the brewing story of South Swell Venture’s investment in the local tech ecosystem and Bud Colligan’s formation of Central Coast Angels. To top off the day, the Santa Cruz Sentinel picked up the story and it’s Dec 4th’s front page news in the print edition. Now that I’m gaining visibility as producer, editor, and curator of Santa Cruz Tech Beat, I’m often the go-to source for newcomers who want to (or have been told to) catch up on the activity in the Santa Cruz technology community. Just today I received such a request by email and followed up by phone. “I’m hoping you can just tell me what’s going on in the tech community,” the caller, not a techie, said. “Whoa,” I thought. “That’s not a 5 minute thing.” “I can’t do justice to this in less than an hour or two or six.” “Hey, don’t you read Santa Cruz Tech Beat?” Of course, I didn’t say any of those things. I did, however, put together a reading list for this caller, and offered to answer any questions after that.

Here is the reading list if you’d like to catchup:

  • For a great overview of the Santa Cruz tech hub, read the 3-part Xconomy series (July/August 2013) by Wade Rouch here.
  • Check our back digests in the archive here.
  • That said, most of Santa Cruz Tech Beat’s news is pushed out via a free, weekly email digest. If you’re new to Santa Cruz Tech Beat, subscribe here.
It’s great to know we have a there there — a here here — and I’m proud to be one of the ambassadors to this community! Introducing — ta da — the Santa Cruz Technology Ecosystem!