When I work with clients who are relatively unfamiliar with how businesses can use social media to expand their reach, one of the most common reasons they give to avoid using social media for their business is that they’re worried about how to respond if somebody were to post something negative about their business online on Facebook or Twitter, etc. From time to time I use social media to get a quick connection to customer service. I’ve heard that airlines will provide much faster help if you complain on Twitter than if you call them on the phone. I once had both soles to hiking boots detach from the body of the shoe while hiking. Booth boots on the same hike! The glue decided to give up the ghost on the same day like clockwork. A comment on the manufacturer’s Facebook page resulted in a quick name and phone number to call. The company ultimately sent me a replacement pair of boots even though they were out of warrantee. I noticed that shortly after I contacted them, they removed the post that contained the customer service person’s name and number. Apparently, it was just up there for me, although others could nab if while it was up. This simple infographic, below, shares five composite types of folks who complain on social media and tells how to respond gracefully. (Infographic via http://www.pardot.com/infographic/deal-social-media-complainers-infographic/)
  1. The Meek Customer
  2. The Aggressive Customer
  3. The High-Roller Customer
  4. The Opportunist Customer
  5. The Chronic Complainer Customer
Take a look and learn more. The bottom line is be responsive, genuine, thoughtful, respectful, and customer-service oriented. How to Deal With Social Media Complainers [INFOGRAPHIC] - An Infographic from Pardot
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