Now for something new and different from my usual work… I’d like to introduce Santa Cruz Tech Beat! Still in the pre-release phase, Santa Cruz Tech Beat is a digest for folks who want to know — and share — what’s happening in the Santa Cruz technology community. Right now, I am simply asking for your loving support in the way of Signups, Likes, Follows, Shares, Forwards so you can be part of the tribe and encourage participation as we move from Beta to Release. Santa Cruz Tech Beat‘s news is aggregated from your input. I encourage you to submit your news (old/legacy/historical news is fine), press releases, blog posts, articles, etc., related to Santa Cruz technology. In the words of Margaret Rosas, Founder of Santa Cruz Geeks (and much more):
I’ve long been in that situation where I’m convincing someone that yes indeed we have a tech community here in town. But it is not easily discovered because it is found under many different roofs, each with their own angle and with different methods of promoting content. I’m excited to have a larger umbrella that can take the news from the various silos and broadcast it to folks who want to be more informed about the tech ecosystem that we are diligently cultivating. Now I’ll be able to refer folks to the SC Tech Beat to catch up on what has happened and what is happening.
Thanks, Sara Isenberg