[First I want to give credit where credit is due. The information in this post comes from Kirsti Scott’s blog post called “Make sure your website is found easily.” This is not the first time I’ve found valuable information in the Scott Design blog. I’m sure it’s not the last. Thanks, Kirsti!] One of the things that adds to your website’s SEO juice is inbound links, that is, links to your website. How do you get them? Well, you can hope that folks love your content and link to it (as I’ve linked to Kirsti’s). However, you can also take a bit more control of the situation and go sign yourself up in directories and social network sites and make sure to link back to your website. Be sure to use the same business name, address format, and phone number. For local search, it’s better to use a street address than a P.O. Box.
Following is a list of some of the most-used search engines, Internet directories, review sites, and social networks to check out. Once you’ve signed up at all the sites, find out how complete your listings are by checking your business on GetListed.org, which was launched in early 2009 as a free resource for small business owners listing their businesses at multiple sites online.