Lately I’ve disappeared into the dark hole of non-blogging. Facebook and Twitter haven’t been much of a focus for me, either. Even if your life (professional, social, or otherwise) revolves around social media, it’s good to take a break. I’ve taken such a break from “myself” — blogging, tweeting, posting only minimally — but have continued to be active with social media both for clients and in my volunteer endeavors. Recently I’ve been tweeting and posting (Facebook) for TEDx Santa Cruz. Amazingly, this event is coming up in just a few days: June 11, 2011. As a first time in Santa Cruz event, the organizing committee has been and is excited, nervous, thrilled, amazed, and sometimes overwhelmed. We just got some great local press in this morning’s Santa Cruz Sentinel. The speaker lineup is great. Tickets are selling like hotcakes, so get yours soon! I hope to see you there!