Yesterday (2/10/2011), Facebook introduced a major set of changes to the Facebook Page layout. Everybody’s blogging about it so here’s mine. Rather than reinvent, here’s my collect of other worthy blog posts to read if you want to learn about this new change. The essential update (for me) is that, whereas before I could post on other Pages just as my individual profile self, now I (a Page owner) can post as my Page’s identity. It’s a bit schitzy getting used to it. As soon as we all do, Facebook will probably introduce another change. An Upgrade for Pages Facebook Pages Manual Facebook Pages Get A Redesign (PICTURES) Facebook Launches Pages Redesign What the New Facebook Pages Mean for Users & Owners Facebook Unifies UI As It Rolls Out New Design For ‘Pages’ New Facebook Features useful for dentist Big Opportunities for Small Businesses in Facebook Pages Redesign Pay Attention to These 7 Facebook Page Changes [Video] 7 Things To Know About The Facebook Page Changes from Social Fresh on Vimeo. 5 Ways You Can Make the Most of Facebook’s New Page Layout Will You “Like” These Two Updated Facebook Features? (3/3/11 update):