My recent presentation at the Chamber of Commerce’s Women in Business Caffeineighted Series (November 5, 2009) is all about getting started on WordPress, specifically for the newbie blogger, or the person who wants to switch to WordPress.  The actual presentation is a live demo showing how to configure and start using your new blog, here are some related URLs. Resources Wordpress Support: vs. Resources for beginners: How to make a non-post (non-blog-looking) WordPress home page: How to Redirect a Blog [PDF]: Notes from Chris’s September 2009 presentation at NextSpace: How to have a non-post home page [PDF]: Examples of some WordPress blogs: (review) (humor site) Examples of some WordPress websites (as CMS, not blog per se): WP Remix: ===== THANKS for attending! Sara Isenberg Web Consulting & Project Management email: twitter: @saraisenberg website: blog: linkedin: facebook: