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The June 10th Meetup will be a presentation + panel discussion on alternative energy sources. We will start at 7:30pm with brief presentations by three industry experts covering solar, wind, and biodiesel technologies, followed by a panel discussion. Each speaker will explain how their technology is segmented, for example residential versus commercial uses, and will then provide an overview of their solution. Local green tech entrepeneur Michael “Merc” Martinelli will then lead a panel discussion covering topics such as the local potential for the technology and what conventional energy sources it replaces. As always there will be opportunities for audience participation and Q&A.

Our speakers are:

Jeff Gigoux, Vice President of Business Development, Mariah Power. Founded in 2005 in Reno, Nevada, Mariah Power has developed a unique vertical wind turbine for the small wind industry. The company’s first wind power appliance, Windspire®, an environmentally friendly, propeller-free vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT), was launched on June 2, 2008. Unlike a propeller-based system, Windspire wind turbine features a uniquely narrow, sleek design that harnesses power from the wind by spinning smoothly on its own center pole.

Ray Kemp, President & CEO, KF3 BioDiesel Production. KF3 invented and provisions the patent-pending Bee Hive modular system for producing biodiesel fuel from waste vegetable oil. KF3 “Fueling Cells” are used by individuals, groups of individuals and businesses. Fueling cells are typically configured as a single cell that produces 55 gallons of diesel fuel or 4 cells that generate 200 gallons of biodiesel fuel per day. KF3 currently has active Fueling Cells located from Morro Bay to San Francisco, including several in Santa Cruz.

Ed Bless, Blueline Power. Blueline Power designs, installs and promotes Commercial-scale Clean Energy Systems, including solar electric, wind, biofuel, biomass and sustainability Projects. Blueline Power matches clean, abundant, locally-available resources with the latest technologies. Blueline’s core services include wind analysis and installation, and commercial solar electric and large residential solar electric design and installation. Blueline also offers a unique energy mapping service that includes a site assessment and expert analysis of energy usage (loads) and naturally-occurring clean energy resources (such as sunlight, wind, biomass, water).

About the Panel Leader

Michael “Merc” Martintelli. co-founder of Verdafero. Verdafero is a software as a service (SaaS) start-up in the sustainable business and energy efficiency space. Verdafero provides on demand software tools that enable organizations to effectively manage their “Triple Bottom Line” – People / Planet / Profit. Merc is co-sponsoring a conference on “green software” to be held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View on August 19th (registration details will be posted to the Santa Cruz New Tech MeetUp message board).